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Natural Gas Vehicles

 Natural Gas Vehicles Natural gas fuel is the best solution. It’s cleaner and cheaper than diesel or gasoline — and it’s domestic and abundant. You can reduce costs, your carbon footprint and foreign oil dependence all while using America’s plentiful energy resource, Natural Gas.


The factors driving the growth in wind power

 Production Tax Credit
 Favorable Investment Tax Credit
 50% bonus depreciation
 Renewable Portfolios Standards federal and state-wide
 Increasing electricity consumption
 Goverment grants for renewable energy
SCOGA understands that any wind project, whether it is small, medium or large, incorporates a balance of economic and social issues, but believes that wind power can be the best blend of these issues. It is why we are in the wind energy business. By understanding these issues we can assist the electric-energy-user in determining the best mix of concerns.




Geothermal Turbine SCOGA has recently begun development of a geothermal project in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  The project is using the natural hot springs origins approximately 2,000 ft deep with temperatures exceeding 280 degrees F.  A brief synopsis of the project is attached as a sample review.  As a project coordinator, SCOGA will provide hydrologists, drilling companies, turbine suppliers, and assistance with Utility power negotiations to convert nature‘s natural resource of steam heat to electric power for home or business.  For additional information contact the Web information provided.

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